• Head of People

    Mission, Objectives, and Competencies (MOC)


    Build and lead a world class People team that defines our company culture and drives the company’s infrastructure on hiring, developing and retaining world-class talent to support the company’s growth.

    Partner with heads of areas and become the key stakeholder in helping them create and support their teams.

     Year 1 Outcomes

    • Build a high-performing recruiting team with strong hiring discipline:
    • Create hiring discipline within the company: structured process and documentation required to begin recruiting process, SLA tracking and disciplined feedback and interviewing cadence.
    • Design and execute employer branding strategy, positioning the comapany as one of the best places to work across Latin America.
    • Understand and map the company’s cultural identity and use that map to strengthen and improve such identity. Create periodic NPS system to measure employee satisfaction with company culture and propose solutions accordingly.
    • Define and launch executive leadership and performance management training, ensuring consistent leadership and management practices and processes across the company.


    ·        Knowledge and experience in leading a People or HR team

    • Experience leading an HR function within a company.

     ·        Experience with people as a strategic function

    • Has served in core strategic roles before, be that in People or other roles.

     ·        Execution and project management

    • Has excellent project management and execution skills.
    • Consistent track record of delivering projects and initiatives in record time.

    ·        Experience in leading culture initiatives

    • Has served as a cultural leader at prior jobs; seen as a reference by peers and colleagues.
    • Has taken proactive action to measure and launch cultural initiatives.ny.

    ·        Experience in employer branding

    • Experience leading an employer branding initiative
    • Demonstrates clear understanding of how to measure employer branding initiatives.

    ·        Quantitative mindset

    • Demonstrates ability to use analytical and quantitative skills to measure progress, objectives and key performance indicator tracking.

     ·        Demonstrated leadership and management skills

    • Has led high performing teams in dynamic and fast-paced environments.
    • Has demonstrated followership through his/her career.

    ·        Comfortable in a startup setting

    • Ability to thrive in organized chãos.
    • Willing to get involved and do anything necessary to make the area thrive: from administrative to strategic tasks.
    • Worked and succeeded in fast-changing, low-direction environments; can pivot as needed while balancing day-to-day results with long-term planning and strategy.
    Candidate-se para essa vaga!


Priscila Salgado é Head da Vertical RH, consultoria focada no recrutamento de executivos para o segmento de recursos humanos.


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